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1 Allen Asberry (Ashbury) Moore was born 1817/1818 in Newbury District, South Carolina (? the son of John Moore ?) and died in 1873 in either Mississippi or Alabama. He married Carolyn Elizabeth Clinch, (daughter of Andrew Clinch, Sr. and Susanna Hartman) who was born 1820 in Newbury District, South Carolina and died in 1890. Allen Asberry and Elizabeth moved to Alabama in about 1842-1843. Their first two children were born in South Carolina and all of the others in Alabama. His family can be found in 1850 in the Southern District of Pickens County, Alabama. In 1860 they were listed as having a Gordo Post Office in the Corrs Beat of Pickens County, Alabama. They then moved to Mississippi some time after 1864. By 1870 Allen Asberry he can be found (along with some of his elder children who were out on their own) in Calhoun County, Mississippi where they were listed on the 1870 census in Township 13, Range 1 West. According to the 1880 census, Elizabeth's father was born in England and her mother in South Carolina. I state her parentage here because my family tradition says Elizabeth was an Indian. I find this highly unlikely. I have seen data which states Allen Asberry and Elizabeth are both buried at Fellowship Cemetery, Pickens County, Alabama. Family traditions provides that Allen died and was buried in Mississippi. The following is a list of the children listed in their household taken from census records from 1850 to 1880.
11 John A. Moore born ca1840 in South Carolina; married Jennie (Virginia?) who was born ca1848
12 Andrew Samuel Moore born November 29, 1841 in South Carolina; died November 1, 1924.
13 Caroline Elizabeth Moore born May 1843 in Alabama
14 James Silas Moore born June 19, 1846 in Alabama/South Carolina; died July 7, 1928 in Calhoun City, Mississippi
15 Permelia Rosomd/Rosanna Moore born ca1848 in Alabama
16 Sarah Adaline Moore born ca1849 in Alabama
17 Amanda/Ellander F. Moore born February 23, 1852; married Phillip Orr Stovall Sugg born September 10, 1855 in Pittsboro, Calhoun County, Mississippi.
18 George Belton Moore born ca1854 in Alabama; married about 1875 to Hettie (?)
19 Melvin Glover N. Moore (listed as female on 1860 census, male on 1870 and 1880 census) born ca1858-1860 in Alabama
1A Mary J. F. Moore born ca1862 in Alabama
1B Lousia/Lorena M. Moore born ca1864 in Alabama

Section Two

Andrew Samuel Moore and Family
12 Andrew Samuel Moore (Allen Asberry) born November 29, 1841 in South Carolina; died November 1, 1924; buried Fellowship Cemetery, Pickens, County, AL; married Sarah Frances Crocker (See Crocker. Andrew and Sarah Frances did not make the move to Mississippi with his family, but stayed in Alabama to raise their own family. They were they parents of twelve children pictured from left to right:
121 Wency Ellen Moore born November 3, 1866; died August 26, 1947; married William E. Wood who was born January 11, 1863 and died November 30, 1938
122 Martha Jane "Jennie" Moore born February 1, 1868; died May 8, 1963; married George Brandon who was born August 28, 1858; and died August 3, 1938
123 Andrew Ashberry Moore (not pictured) born February 5, 1870; died March 18, 1891 while boating with friends. Here is his obituary:
     The Butler Herald
     Butler, Georgia
     Tuesday, March 31, 1891 - Page Three
     Died Like A Hero
     Kennedy, Ala., March 19th – Miss Sallie Cox, aged 16, daughter of Representative Cox,
     of Pickens County, and A.A. Moore, aged 21, both pupils of the Kennedy High School, 
     were drowned between five and six o’clock p.m. yesterday in the Maxapalila river. The
     deceased together with Joe Kennedy and Miss Floy Cooke, was taking a boat ride when the 
     boat capsized. At the risk of his own life Mr. Kennedy bravely battled with the swift 
     flowing current and finally succeeded in reaching the shore with his precious burden, 
     safely landing Miss Cooke, who seeing his exhausted condition, prevented him from making 
     a suicidal attempt to bring the others ashore. The river is unusually rapid where the 
     boat capsized and while it would have been easy for Moore to reach the shore alone he 
     found it impossible to do so with Miss Cox, and like the brave man that he was died 
     bravely battling with an irresistible current in a vain attempt to rescue one who was 
     dependent on him alone. The entire community is shocked and grieved at the sad and 
     untimely death of two of its favorites. The bodies of both are recovered and two of the 
     saddest funerals of this section will take place today. 
124 Sara Elizabeth Moore born May 20, 1871; died April 9, 1942; married Rufus F. Dunn, II who was born May 6, 1866 and died March 26, 1934
125 Edna Mavoureen Moore born April 17, 1873; died 1931; married Joel H. Graham who was born July 14, 1876 and died December 9, 1937
126 Joseph Belton Moore born February 12, 1875; died December 10, 1932; married Zora H. Shepherd who was born November 17, 1875 and died April 6, 1924
127 Dessie Frances Moore born September 27, 1877; died April 19, 1960; married Lawrence Lowe who was born July 17, 1875 and died May 24, 1946
128 Joyce Ann Moore born July 24, 1878
129 Emily Alice Moore born March 8, 1880
12A Robert Price Moore born December 12, 1882; died Mary 18, 1951
12B Rachael Myrtice Moore born March 26, 1884
12C William Favous Moore born August 20, 1887; died February 28, 1929

13 Caroline E. Moore (Allen Asberry) born May 1843; married (???) Murphree. Caroline after becoming widowed, lived with a daughter (perhaps her only child) on what is now known as "Martin's Lakes". Martin's Lakes was the official swimming and recreational area for all of the kids. During World War II, the soldiers from Camp McCain, near Grenada, would come and bask in the sun with all of the locals. This land was originally owned by Caroline's brother, James Silas Moore, then by James S. Moore's daughter Virginia Moore Martin. It is today owned by the Caviness family, which are descendants of James S. Moore. Caroline had at least one child:
131 Edna M. Murphree born November 1875

James Silas Moore and Martha Jemima Crocker
14 James Silas Moore (Allen Asberry) born June 19, 1846 in Alabama; died July 7, 1928 in Calhoun City, Mississippi; buried in Calhoun City Cemetery as a veteran of the Civil War, 22nd Alabama Infantry; married February 9, 1870 in Pickens County, Alabama by Rev. Emory at the residence of A.A. Moore (his father, Allen Asberry Moore), to Martha Jemima Crocker (See Crocker ) who was born June 22, 1851 in Hart County, Georgia, the daughter of Lemule Crocker and Jane White; died December 24, 1938 in Calhoun City, Mississippi and is buried in Calhoun City Cemetery. The story is told that James Silas and Martha Jemima (Crocker) Moore moved from Alabama to Mississippi with an ox and cart a few years after the Civil War. It must be mentioned that although James Silas Moore was given a Confederate tombstone and that in the possession of the Caviness family are some Civil War artifacts of his, no military records have been found to date the prove these assumptions. One explanation of the lack of records is that he probably did not sign-up at the on set of war. He would have only been 15 years old. By Civil War standards this would not be too young but he probably waited. Civil War historians will tell you that records of the later years of the War on the Confederate side are almost nonexistent. James and "Matt" settled on a hill just west of present day Calhoun City (formed 1904-06), land now owned by Kitt Bryant III. This land is directly north of "Martin's Lake" (see 13 above) divided only by Old Highway 8. The land he claimed stretched north several miles and was divided among his children during his life and after his and Martha's death. Since Calhoun County was only formed (1852) some eighteen years before his arrival, land was plentiful. My grandfather, James Taylor Caviness, was practically raised by James Silas Moore, who was his grandfather. My grandfather told some big tales of James Silas Moore. For instance, James Silas was wild boar hunting with his six-shot revolver and became barricaded in a gully by seven wild boar. He calmly raised his pistol and shot six of them between the eyes. Realizing he was out of bullets, James Silas pulled out his knife and cut the seventh hog's throat. How much truth is there to this? Nobody knows, but it does however make a great story. Also, there is another story of "Old Man Moore" who use to bury his money in his yard. Any truth to it? Probably not, but more than one person has been seen digging around his old house place. James Silas Moore and Martha Jemima Crocker were the parents of seven children:
141 infant babe unnamed died April 6, 1872
142 John Andrew Moore born June 17, 1874; died December 28, 1950
143 Virginia Gertrude Moore born June 5, 1877; died October 12, 1968
144 Frances Pearl Moore born September 27, 1881; died November 15, 1969
145 Joseph Samuel Moore born January 2, 1885; died March 23, 1935
146 Martha Elizabeth Moore born February 5, 1890; died May 4, 1920
147 Luther Robert Moore born December 20, 1893; died November 1, 1915 of Tuberculosis.

17 Amanda/Ellander F. Moore (Allen Asberry) born February 23, 1852; died April 13, 1924 in Gordo, Pickens County, Alabama; married Phillip Orr Stovall Sugg born September 10, 1855 in Pittsboro, Calhoun County, Mississippi the son of Harbard Thomas Sugg and Margaret B. Stovall; died April 4, 1933 in Tuscaloosa, Tuscaloosa County, Alabama. Their children include:
171 Ora Elizabeth Sugg born August 29, 1875 in Calhoun County, Mississippi; died September 20, 1957 in Calhoun County; married on December 4, 1895 to James Andrew See who was born July 15, 1867 in Calhoun County and died February 21, 1904
172 James Clarence Sugg born April 16, 1878 in Reform, Pickens County, Alabama; died October 1862 in Alabama
173 Zuleam Sugg born August 1879 in Alabama; died after 1857 in Corinth, Mississippi; married James William Langdon who was born about 1874 in New Hope, Pickens County, Alabama
174 Sallie Tom Sugg born September 13, 1881 in Alabama; died August 1975 in Tuscaloosa, Tuscaloosa County, Alabama; married William Spruce Kirk who was born September 1, 1871 in Gordo, Pickens County, Alabama and died November 1, 1952
175 Phillip Samuel Sugg born May 4, 1884 in Alabama; died November 20, 1950 in Goodwater, Alabama; buried in Dale County, Alabama; married Ethel Mae Jernagan who was born January 22, 1904 in Dale County, Alabama and died June 29, 1983 in Dale County
176 Jennie Vista Sugg born April 1886 in Alabama; died January 7, 1953 in Tuscaloosa, Tuscaloosa County, Alabama; married Warner Elledge who was born July 4, 1897 and died July 1983 in Aliceville, Pickens County, Alabama
177 Frederick Belton Sugg born December 31 1889 in Alabama; died February 8, 1966 in Montgomery County, Alabama; married June 25, 1913 in Fayette, Fayette County, Alabama to Ida Pearl Sherrill who was born April 5, 1887

18 George Belton Moore (Allen Asberry) born ca1854 in Alabama; married about 1875 to Hettie (?) who was born about 1858 in Mississippi. Their children include:
181 William E. Moore born about 1876 in Mississippi
182 Martha H. Moore born about 1878 in Mississippi

Section Three

142 John Andrew Moore (James Silas, Allen Asberry) born June 17, 1874; died December 28, 1950; married Minnie May Crawford who was born 1878 and died in Calhoun City on August 3, age 71. They were the parents of at least six children:
1421 Jessie Moore born 1901
1422 Robert Herman Moore born ca1912; died October 8, 1968.
1423 May Moore married Wirt Sugg
1424 Carrie Virginia Moore married first Joseph Lovett; married second Bob Gilbow; married third Carl Mohr.
1425 Andrew Moore born 1907 and died December 8, 1958.
1426 Vera Beatrice Moore born September 14, 1909; died October 22, 2006; buried Malden City Cemetery, Malden, MO; married Luther Tom Cagle

James Oliver Martin
Virginia Gertrude Moore

143 Virginia Gertrude Moore (James Silas, Allen Asberry) born June 5, 1877; died October 12, 1968 and is buried in Calhoun City Cemetery; married September 20, 1896 to James Oliver Martin who was born October 7, 1860 and died December 7, 1936 and is buried in Calhoun City Cemetery. "Jennie" was a very enterprising woman. During her lifetime she was the owner of a boarding house, a restaurant, Martins Lakes and many acres of land just west of Calhoun City. Most of the land which she owned is now located within the city limits. Martins Lakes was a group of lakes and ponds which were built over the years for various reasons. The original lake was built by Jennie's father James Silas Moore. It was used as the public swimming hole. As time passed and the property was passed to her children, other lakes were built. Some were built for fishing, somes for raising minnows for sale as bait, and others for raising fish to sell for profit. This land covered about 80 acres and was owned by her her eldest son, Henry, until his death in 1968. At that time, her fifth child (third son), Harvey, took over the lakes and remained there until his death in 1992. In early 1993, these eighty acres were purchased by the Caviness family. Michael Caviness today (March 14, 1995) lives in Harvey's house which is the only house left on the land. Virginia Gertrude Moore and James Oliver Martin were the parents of six children:
1431 Lenna Jemima Martin born September 19, 1897; died March 9, 1986; never married.
1432 Julius Henry Martin born February 5, 1900; died August 3, 1968; buried in Calhoun City Cemetery; never married.
1433 Alfred Oliver Martin born August 14, 1902; died June 11, 1955; married Geraldine E. Langell.
1434 Ethel Edna Martin born Janaury 22, 1904
1435 Harvey James Martin born September 26, 1906; died December 9, 1992; buried in Calhoun City Cemetery; married first Josephine Nobel who died in 1971; married second in 1978/79 to Eva M. Melton who was born April 10, 1912. Harvey retired from the Navy and lived in Seattle for several years. After the death of his brother, Henry, he returned to Calhoun City to run Martins Lakes.
1436 Howard P. "Red" Martin born April 24, 1908; died September 17, 1967; married Wilhelmina Armstrong who was born April 24, 1908 and died May 11, 1992.

144 Frances Pearl Moore (James Silas, Allen Asberry) born September 27, 1881 in Calhoun County, Mississippi, the daughter of James Silas and Martha Jemima (Crocker) Moore; died September 15, 1969 and is buried in Calhoun City Cemetery; married on December 6, 1903 to William Maxwell Caviness who was born July 11, 1879 (1877?) in Attala County, Mississippi, the son of Peter Taylor Cabiness and Alicia Eudora Nickels. William Maxwell died October 31, 1956 and is buried in Calhoun City Cemetery. They farmed for a living and lived in many locations within Calhoun County. Frances Pearl Moore and William Maxwell Caviness were the parents of four children: See Caviness for more information.
1441 James Taylor Caviness born September 27, 1904; died January 12, 1989; married February 26, 1927 in Calhoun City, Mississippi to Janie Lorette Bailey who was born October 17, 1911 the daughter of James William Bailey and Lou Bera Easley.
1442 Joseph Maxwell Caviness born December 5, 1909; died in Houston, Texas; married Mary Lou Franklin who died December 1991.
1443 Martha Virginia Caviness born November 3, 1912; died February 3, 1996 in Grenada, MS; married first on January 25, 1931 to Louis Beckett who was born May 14, 1907 and died April 3, 1977; married second to Adam Murphree.
1444 Ruby Pearline Caviness born January 12, 1916; died April 7, 1993; married on May 19, 1937 to Horace Monroe Sharpe.

145 Joseph Samuel Moore (James Silas, Allen Asberry) born January 2, 1885; died March 23, 1935 in the home of Mrs. Will Caviness (nee Pearl Moore) as a result of a stab wound; married after 1910 to Addy Kirk from Duck Hill, Mississippi. They were the parents of at least one child:
1451 Martha Addy Moore married (???) Gose

146 Martha Elizabeth Moore (James Silas, Allen Asberry) born February 5, 1890; died May 4, 1920; buried in Calhoun City Cemetery; married Jim Murphy. They were the parents of at least three children:
1461 Robert Murphy
1462 Martha Ann Murphy
1463 James Murphy

Section Four

1421 Jessie Moore (John Andrew, James Silas, Allen Asberry) born 1901 and died on July 30th (or 31st), 1981; married "Aunt Dill". Jessie had at least one son:
14211 Jessie (James?) O. Moore of Woodville, Mississippi. He is in the possesion of photographs of James Silas and Martha Jemima's home place.
14212 Martha Nell Moore

1422 Robert Herman Moore (John Andrew, James Silas, Allen Asberry) born ca1912 in Calhoun City, Mississippi and died October 8, 1968 in Columbus, Mississippi as a result of a heart attack. Robert was a Baptist, a Mason, and a WWII veteran. He was the father of at least one child and the step-father of one child:
14221 Bobby Moore
14222 Polly Anderson

1423 May Moore (John Andrew, James Silas, Allen Asberry) died on July 5, 1985; married Wirt Sugg who was born in Calhoun City, Mississippi the son of Horatius Sugg and Elizabeth Sims. They were the parents of five children.
14231 John Allen Sugg of Calhoun City, Mississippi
14232 "Tiny" May Sugg married Cecil Lee. They were the parents of four children.
14233 Thomas Sugg married Dora Ann Bardwell; played guitar in bands with James Bailey Caviness as young adults. Thomas was for a period of time Attendence Center Principal at Vardaman Schools in Calhoun County. He is the father of two children
14234 Patrick Sugg of Tyler, Texas
14235 Dick Sugg of Grenada, Mississippi
14236 Bud Sugg of Calhoun City, Mississippi
14237 Sam Sugg of Grenada, Mississippi
14238 Jack Sugg of Columbus, Mississippi
14239 Virginia Sugg of Houston, Texas; married Mr. Idlett
1423A Martha Sugg of Bruce, Mississippi; married Leroy Hamilton

1424 Carrie Virginia Moore (John Andrew, James Silas, Allen Asberry) born November 11, 1915 in Calhoun City, MS; died September 11, 1974 in Sikeston, Missouri; married first Joseph Lovett; married second on July 19, 1956 to Bob Gilbow; married third on September 19, 1970 to Carl Mohr.
14241 Joseph "Joe Junior" Lovette
14242 John Lovette of Festus, Missouri

1426 Vera Beatrice Moore (John Andrew, James Silas, Allen Asberry) born September 14, 1909; died October 22, 2006; buried Malden City Cemetery, Malden, MO; married Luther Tom Cagle of Kewanee, Missouri at New Madrid County, Missouri on December 26th, 1925.
14261 Luther Herman Cagle born January 6, 1933.

1432 Julius Henry Martin (Virginia Gertrude, James Silas, Allen Asberry) born February 5, 1900; died August 3, 1968; never married. Henry joined the Navy at the age of fifteen. While there he became and expert marksman. He retired from the Navy in 1936 and began working at his Martin's Lakes. About this same time, he was involved in an automobile accident which tore all of the muscles and tendons loose from the bone in his arm (left arm I think). He never regained the use of the arm. He however was still known throughout the area as the best pistol shooter around. Henry worked with leather, specializing in pistol holsters which he sold all over the country. At Martin's Lakes, he was meticulous about diverting rainwater runoff exactly where he desired it to go. It was said his terraces, levies, and ditches were so intricate that he could make water run up hill.

1434 Ethel Edna Martin (Virginia Gertrude, James Silas, Allen Asberry) born Janaury 22, 1904; married June 19, 1923 to Soloman Smith Holder who was born February 1, 1897 and died November 2, 1972. They were the parents of two children:
14341 Thomas Martin Holder, Sr. born September 1, 1924; married June 6, 1953 to Kathryn Anderson Robinson who was born July 27, 1928. Tom and Kathryn are the parents of three children
14342 Marjorie Ann Holder born February 5, 1930; married February 12, 1955 to William Herbert Fanning, Jr. who was born February 9, 1931.