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For much more on the Mabrys, see Don Collins Mabry Homepage.

Francis1 Mabry born ca1650 in England; Will dated March 22, 1711/12 - probated June 18, 1712; married by September 1, 1685 to Elizabeth Gilliam West Bevin.

Hinchia2 Mabry (Francis1 ) born ca1696 in Surry Co, VA; died ca1761 in Brunswick Co, VA; married first ca1720 to Frances Parham; married second June 22, 1747 to Anne Jackson; married third before January 1, 1752 to Ann Clack Courtney.

Ephriam3 Mabry (Hinchia2, Francis1) born Brunswick Co, VA; died 1789 in Wilkes Co, GA; married Mary Poole.

Joel4 Mabry (Ephriam3, Hinchia2, Francis1) born ca1750/60 in Lunenburg Co, VA; died after 1830 in Franklin Co, GA; married in SC to Mary Polly Wafer.

Mark Seth5 Mabry ( Joel4, Ephriam3, Hinchia2,Francis1) born ca1791/92 in GA; married first Rhody Hargrove; married second in Franklin Co, GA to Milly Payne.

Ausborn Rogers6 Mabry [photos] (Mark Seth5, Joel4, Ephriam3, Hinchia2, Francis1) born June 12, 1816 in GA; died October 14, 1891 in Briartown, OK; married April 16, 1839 to Elizabeth Fatima York [photo].

James Edward7 Mabry (Ausborn Rogers6, Mark Seth5, Joel4, Ephriam3, Hinchia2, Francis1) born October 27, 1850 in Lumpkin Co, GA; died January 30, 1941; married December 5, 1886 to Julia Isabella Cossitt.

Freddie Mae8 Mabry (James Edward7, Ausborn Rogers6, Mark Seth5, Joel4, Ephriam3, Hinchia2, Francis1) born May 13, 1889; died February 23, 1959 in Lee Co, MS; married July 11, 1906 to John William Anglin, Sr. (See Anglin ).