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The Fifth Generation

22515 Peter Randolph5 Cabaniss (William4, John3, Matthew2, Henri1), born in Nottoway County, Virginia 1798 - 1801, probably ca 1801, the only son of 2251 William and his second or third wife, the widow Sophia (Sherwin) Pincham. He was dead by April 12, 1834, for in the Jackson Mississippian, April 19, 1834 (and continuing through April 12, 1834), appeared a notice of the earlier date by his administrator in Mississippi (David Johnston was administrator in Alabama), Elisha Mayfield, almost certainly his brother-in-law (born South Carolina 1795), concerning "Land (about 500 acres purchased by Peter and Elisha from the public domain, patent dated June 4, 1833), tenements, and hereditaments" owned by Peter R. Cabaniss, deceased, in Holmes County, Mississippi. Both Peter and Elisha are listed among heads of families in Yazoo County (Holmes was divided from Yazoo in 1833) in Irene S. and Norman E. Gillis, Mississippi 1830 Census. Two of Peter's children, the twins Obadiah and Elizabeth (Betsy) Ann, were indeed born in Mississippi.

22515 Peter Randolph Cabaniss married Catharine Mayfield (born South Carolina 1805; listed on 1860 Tuscaloosa Co. Census), Tuscaloosa County, Alabama on September 16, 1824. Children of this union are clearly established by orphans court records. For example dated October 12, 1846 a petition of 225151 William Cabaniss, one of the heirs of the estate of 22515 Peter R. Cabaniss, deceased. It was noted therein that he was of age and that there were four other heirs, "his brothers and sister, to-wit": 225152 Madison, 225153 James, 225155 Obadiah, and 225154 Betsy Cabaniss; "also their mother," Catharine Cabaniss, "widow of the said Peter R." Cabaniss. Another example occurs dated February 14, 1853, final disposition of the estate of 22515 Peter R. Cabaniss, deceased. Catherine Cabaniss, the widow, was entitled to one fifth of the estate and the share of the children (named as William, Madison, James, Obadiah Cabaniss and Betsy Ann Powell, wife of V.H. Powell Jr,. lately Betsy Ann Cabaniss) was $662.57 each.

The children of Peter and Catharine were therefore (birthdate from 1850 and 1860 census):
225151 William R.6 Cabaniss born 1825, married June 3, 1842 to Martha J. Friday
225152 Madison "Mack"6 Cabaniss born 1827; died March 15, 1886
225153 James W.6 Cabiness born 1829, married Nancy Jane Elizabeth McMillen
225154 Elizabeth (Betsy) Ann6 Cabaniss born Mississippi 1832 married ca 1852 to V.H. Powell, Jr. (born 1831) son of Vollie H. and Clarissa Powell.
225155 Obadiah6 Cabaniss twin to Betsy born Mississippi 1832 married 1855 to Clarissa Powell daughter of Vollie H. and Clarissa Powell. Obadiah and Clarissa had a son 2251551 Issac.
The census of 1850 also lists in the household of Catharine (Mayfield) Cabaniss the following: Rasmus (Erasmus ?) born 1838 married November 23, 1854 to Polly Ann Brown; Marion born 1840 married November 1857 Elizabeth Crawford; and Alexander born 1843. The foregoing were not children of Peter and Catharine, (Peter had died in 1834), but who they were is not known.

There appears a strong presumption that these three were children of 22324 John Coleman5 Cabaniss (Courtland4,Matthew3, Matthew2, Henri1), who might have been a second cousin of 22515 Peter R. Cabaniss and who was in Tuscaloosa County, and Coosa County at the time. This is however only supposition.

The Sixth Generation

225151 William R.6 Cabaniss (Peter Randolph5, William4, John3, Matthew2, Henri1), born ca 1825, married June 3 1842 in Tuscaloosa County, AL to Martha J. Friday. William R. was a private in Company D, 43RD Regiment, Alabama Infantry, C.S.A. He enlisted April 1, 1862, Northport, Alabama. The company muster rolls, January and February 1865, last on file, show him "absent sick at Tuscaloosa, Alabama." William R. and Martha's children which were all born Tuscaloosa County, Alabama include:
2251511 Carolina7 Cabaniss born 1845
2251512 Peter Taylor7 Cabiness born April 1848, died August 23, 1928, married first Alicia Eudora Nickels; married second Matilda Caroline (Callie) Ramage.
2251513 George Washington7 Cabiness born 1849 married first to Caroline Elizabeth Moore on July 15, 1871 in Leake County, Mississippi; married second to Maude Smith.
2251514 Jerome7 Cabaniss born 1853
2251515 Marsilla7 Cabaniss born 1854 married Gaston Wayne Kirkpartick in Monroe County, Mississippi.
2251516 James7 Cabaniss born 1856
2251517 Trinnia Hiram7 Cabaniss born December 1859

225152 Madison6 Cabaniss (Peter Randolph5, William4, John3, Matthew2, Henri1) born 1827 in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama; died March 15, 1886 in Tuscaloosa County; married about 1844 to Emiline E. Powell who was born 1829 and died February 24, 1896 the daughter of Vollie H. and Clarissa Powell. Both Madison and Emiline are buried in Dunn's Creek Cemetery near Echola, Alabama. The lived for a time in Marion County, Alabama. Their children include:
2251521 Miranda7 Cabaniss born 1845; died in Alabama; married first to Samuel Green, Jr. who was born 1832 in Marion County, Alabama and died 1867 in Tennessee. Miranda married second to Mr. Linn.
2251522 James LaFayette7 Cabaniss born March 8, 1849 in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama; died Tuscumbia, Alabama on April 2, 1934
2251523 Julia Ann7 Cabaniss born 1851; married James Alexander Sullivan
2251524 Joseph7 Cabaniss born 1853
2251525 Missouri7 Cabaniss born 1855; married Mr. Long
2251526 Madison7 Cabaniss born 1856
2251527 Matilda7 Cabaniss born 1858
2251528 Martha7 Cabaniss married Mr. Hawkins
2251529 Rachel7 Cabaniss married Mr. Brown
225152A Lizzie7 Cabaniss married Mr. Thomas
225152B John7 Cabaniss born November 15, 1869; died September 8, 1960

225153 James W.6 Cabiness (Peter Randolph5, William4, John3, Matthew2, Henri1) born in 1829; died in 1890; married Nancy Jane Elizabeth McMillen who was born in November 1832 and died about 1914. James moved into Leake County, Mississippi as a single man sometime before 1850. In the 1850 census he was listed as 19 years of age living with James and Sophia Lacy, as a laborer. Sometime after 1850, but before 1860 in Leake County, James bought land and sold it to Thomas J. Riley for $650.00. The land was described as "West half of Southeast quarter and East half of Southwest quarter of Section 19, Township 13, Range 7 East, 160 acres. By 1860 James had moved to Attala County, Mississippi and married since the 1860 census lists him there. When the Civil War began, James enlisted in a local group known as the "Long Creek Rifles", Company A, 15th Mississippi Infantry, C.S.A. which was later combined with Company H, 1st Mississippi Infantry, "King's State Troops", C.S.A. He and Nancy are both buried at Issac-Dear-McMillen Cemetery, south of Kosciusko, Mississippi along with several of their children. From census records, marriage records, newspaper articles, and tombstone inscriptions, the following children can be named:
2251531 Catherine Elizabeth "Bettie"7 Cabiness born 1852; not married by 1900
2251532 Martha E.7 Cabiness born 1855; married J.C. Turner, Sr. on August 31, 1893. Her brother, James, was surety.
2251533 William G.7 Cabiness born February 14, 1858; died September 18, 1859; buried Stonewall Cemetery, Kosciusko, Mississippi.
2251534 Matilda J.7 Cabiness born 1859; married James "Jim" McMullen. Their children include (note last name spelling change):
22515341 Mary8 McMillan born June 1882; married Frank Porter
22515342 Jane8 McMillan born June 1882; twin to Mary
2251535 James M.7 Cabiness born 1860. Had a child named Maggie born October 1893.
2251536 Hassletine7 Cabiness born June 1862. The census says she was the mother of two children. It is worth noting that although she had two children, she was still listed as "Cabiness".
2251537 Nellie J.7 Cabiness born 1866
2251538 Maggie7 Cabiness born 1870 (not to be confused with her niece)
2251539 Helen7 Cabiness born after 1870
225153A Lettie Lafayette7 Cabiness born 1872; died 1873 (tombstone inconclusive)
225153B Lottie Nealy7 Cabiness born (inconclusive); both Lettie's and Lottie's name are on the same tombstone.
Either Nellie, Maggie, or Helen married William E. Rickles who was a widowed son-in-law living with Nancy Jane Cabiness on the 1900 Attala County census. The widower and his wife had Victor born January 1892, Howard born February 1896, Unice (male) born October 1897, and William born August 1899. Victor and William were born in Mississippi while Howard and Unice were born in Texas.

The Seventh Generation

2251512 Peter Taylor7 Cabiness (Caviness) (William R.6, Peter Randolph5,William4, John3, Matthew2, Henri1) born April 27, 1849, died August 23, 1928, married first Alicia Eudora Nickels; married second Matilda Caroline (Callie) Ramage born April 1856 and died October 4, 1940 and is buried at Oak Springs Cemetery. Callie was the daughter of Josiah and Lucinda A. (Jessop) Ramage. Peter Taylor was born in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama (and possibly married first there) and removed to Kosciusko, Attala County, Mississipi along with his brother 2251513 George Cabiness. There uncle 225153 James W. Cabiness had preceeded their move by some twenty years. Peter Taylor's first wife, Alice, died leaving him to raise four very young children. He felt as though he could not raise the youngest, 22515124 James Allen Caviness, so he elected to allow a preacher and wife raise James Allen (Jim). The clergyman, Burwell Pope Fullilove, Jr. moved his family, along with Jim, to Marietta, Prentis County, Mississippi. Burwell was a Methodist minister

2251512 Peter Taylor (Pete) remarried to Callie sometime after 1884 and before 1886. Upon their move to Calhoun County, Mississippi the spelling of Peter Taylor's last name was changed by the powers (census takers, town officials, etc.) from "Cabiness" to "Caviness". They had three children, two of which lived to maturity. The first child was born in Attala County, Mississippi; the last two were born in Calhoun County, Mississippi where Pete and Callie had removed sometime between 1886 and 1891. Callie was still living in 1938, near Slate Springs, Calhoun County, Mississippi, at the time of her step-daughter, 22515121 Lottie's, death. An obituary in The Monitor Hearld states that "Pete Caviness (sometimes spelled Cabiness)" was the father of eight children. Pete is buried at Oak Springs Cemetery, north of Derma, Mississippi, next to his daughter 22515121 Lottie J. Griffin, in an unmarked grave. More research may provide all of 2251512 Peter Taylor Caviness' childrens names, as for now listed below are seven (maybe only six - see note on George):

Peter Taylor's children by his first wife:
22515121 Lottie J.8 Caviness born March 9, 1874, died March 15, 1938, married ca1898 to William (Bill) E. Griffin born November 27, 1875, died April 13, 1938. Both buried at Oak Springs Cemetery. They had:
225151211 Alex A.9 Griffin born 1899, married Odessa Taylor
225151213 Willis F.9 Griffin born 1902, died before March 15, 1938, date of mother's death - m1 Tom Bailey and had Joe Bailey - m2 Mr. Crutchfield and had twins
225151213 infant son9 Griffin born January 26, 1904; died january 27, 1904; buried Crossroads Cemetery, Calhoun County, MS.
225151214 Alice B.9 Griffin born 1905, married Jet Walls, living in Oxford, Mississippi at time of mother's death
225151215 Clyde9 Griffin born 1908, living in Batesville, Mississippi at time of mother's death - married (Anglin ?)
223131216 Peauline9 Griffin born August 8, 1910, died August 20, 1923
225151217 Walker9 Griffin living in Big Creek, Mississippi at time of mother's death
225151218 Grace9 Griffin living at Big Creek, Mississippi at time of mothers death
22515122 William Maxwell8 Caviness born July 11, 1879 (some say 1877), died October 31, 1956,married on December 6, 1903 to Frances Pearl Moore born September 27, 1881, daughter of James Silas and Martha Jemmima (Crocker) Moore. William Maxwell and Frances Pearl both buried in Calhoun City Cemetery, Calhoun City, Mississippi.
22515123 George8 Caviness born 1880 - 1884 moved to Arkansas before 1900, died prior to his father (1928). (NOTE: more proof is needed for this childs existance)
22515124 James Allen8 Caviness born January 26, 1882, died March 7, 1957, married first Irene ----- (Wammack?), married second Minnie May Davis born May 12, 1894, died March 6, 1958.
Pete and Alice possiblly had one other child which did not live to maturity.

Peter Taylor Caviness' children by his second wife, Matilda Caroline "Callie" Ramage, were:
22515125 Joseph H.8 Caviness born January 8, 1886, died February 18, 1886, buried at Stonewall Cemetery. Stonewall Cemetery is located about 2 miles north of Ethel, Attala County, Mississippi.
22515126 Julius T.8 Caviness born May 1891; baptized by Derma Baptist church in 1923; died prior to October 31, 1956; married Maudie Lee Hardin and was living in Belzonia, Mississippi at the time of his father's death. They had:
225151261 Beatrice9 Caviness born about 1915; died about 1920
225151262 Earl B.9 Caviness born September 2, 1916; died March 26, 1997 in Jackson, Tennessee; buried in Henderson County, Tennessee at Independence Cemetery; married Virginia L. (nee unknown) who was born October 20, 1919. Their children include:
2251512621 Gary10 Caviness died about 2003 of a heart attack. Buried in Henderson County, Tennessee at Independence Cemetery. No children.
2251512622 Thomas Earl10 Caviness died March 2007. Buried in Henderson County, Tennessee at Independence Cemetery. Child:
22515126221 Steven Patrick11 Caviness unmarried (2007).
225151263 Julius T.9 Caviness born about 1920 and who died in World War II and is buried next to his grandfather, 2251512 Peter Taylor Caviness, in an unmarked grave in Oak Springs Cemetery
22515127 Benjamin F.8 Caviness born October 20, 1895; died May 1, 1960; buried in Henderson County, Tennessee at Independence Cemetery with a military marker "Mississippi Pvt 18 Co Recruit Depot World War I"; served in World War I from September 5, 1918 until December 11, 1918. Ben was living in Derma, Mississippi from 1918 (WWI registration card) to 1928, the time of his father's death and was the informant on his father's death certificate. He was living in Slate Springs, Mississippi at the time of his half-sister 22515121 Lottie's death (1938) and in Elaine, Phillips County, Arkansas at the time of his half-brother 22515122 William Maxwell's death (1956). Ben married on October 27, 1929 in Leflore County, Mississippi to Mary Ethel Henderson.

2251513 George Washington7 Cabiness (Caviness) (William R.6, Peter Randolph5,William4, John3, Matthew2, Henri1) born 1849 in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama; died in 1936; buried in Marie Baptist Church Cemetery, Indianola, Mississippi. He married first on July 15, 1871 in Leake County, Mississippi to Caroline Elizabeth Moore who was born February 1853; died December 12, 1906 and is buried in Lallars Cemetery, Sapa, Webster County, Mississippi. George and Caroline lived for a time in Webster County, Mississippi. He married second on May 25, 1907 to Maude Smith. George and Maude had several children which were about the age of George's grandchildren. Maude also had at least two children from a previous marriage.
Children of George Washington and Caroline Elizabeth Moore Cabiness:
22515131 Emma Louise8 Cabiness born October 1874 in Attala County, Mississippi
22515132 Elizabeth "Bettie"8 Cabiness born about 1875 in Attala County, Mississippi
22515133 Myriam L.8 Cabiness born about 1877 in Attala County, Mississippi. Married about 1895 to William M. Gammill who was born 1869 in Bedford County, Tennessee. Their children, all born in Carroll County, Mississippi, include:
225151331 Rebecca Zuline9 Gammill born October 14, 1896
225151332 Willie B.9 Gammill born about 1897
225151333 Bettie L.9 Gammill born about 1900
22515134 Julia?8 Cabiness born January 1880. Unnamed in the 1880 census.
22515135 Sam N.8 Caviness born November 1882 in Attala County, Mississippi; married about 1909 to Ada B. (McCluskey?). In 1910 Sam was living in Calhoun County, Mississippi. By 1930 he was living in Marion, Phillips County, Arkansas. It appears that Sam may have married again in about 1918 to another woman named Ada. The 1930 census states he was married at age 28, twelve years prior. On the 1910 census he is listed as being married one year. He and his first wife, Ada B., had at least one child:
225151351 Ruby E.9 Caviness born about 1910 in Calhoun County, Mississippi. Possibly married Albert W. Larkin.
22515136 Georgia8 Caviness born October 1888 in Webster County, Mississippi; married in 1905 in Webster County, Mississippi to John F. Robinson. Their children include:
225151361 Nellie9 Robinson born about 1908
225151361 Laura9 Robinson born about 1909
22515137 Joe E.8 Caviness born January 1890 in Webster County, Mississippi.
22515138 James Cleveland8 Caviness born December 8, 1892; died November 12, 1927; buried in Old Union Church of Christ Cemetery, Carrollton, Carroll County, Mississippi. He married on June 30, 1912 to Ora Amber McDonald who was born January 23, 1896; died April 12, 1940 and is buried in Old Union Cemetery. She was the daughter of John Shelby McDonald and Mary Jarome Ferguson. Ora married second to C.E. Carroll. James Cleveland and Ora Amber McDonald Caviness' children include:
225151381 Nile Haskel9 Caviness born July 2, 1913; died September 11, 1989; married first to Mary Frances Holman; married second to Frances (???).
225151382 Joseph Temple9 Caviness born October 26, 1915; married Bertha LaRanzo
225151383 Marguerite Flowers9 Caviness born February 25, 1918; died September 13, 1988; married Tom Buck "TB" Ray
225151384 Mary Kathryn "Snookie" Caviness born September 15, 1922; died December 6, 1987
Children of George Washington and Maude Smith Caviness include (from the 1920 Carroll County, Mississippi census):
22515139 Edna Earl8 Caviness born about 1914
2251513A daughter8 Caviness born about 1917
2251513B daughter8 Caviness born about 1920

2251522 James LaFayette7 Cabaniss (Madison6, Peter Randolph5, William4, John3, Matthew2, Henri1) born March 8, 1849 in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama; died Tuscumbia, Alabama on April 2, 1934; married first in December 1867 his first cousin, Liza Jane Powell who was born April 9, 1850 the daughter of James L. Powell (born Tennessee 1825, living 1914 in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama.) Liza Jane died February 15, 1919 in Tuscumbia. After Liza Jane's death, James LaFayette married second, the widow Lizzie Hovater Hester, but there were no children to this union.

James LaFayette and Liza Jane's children include the following:
22515221 Joseph Alexander8 Cabaniss born May 1, 1869; died the summer of 1935 in Tuscumbia; married Missouri "Zura" Hovater who was born August 9, 1870 and died April 5, 1947. Their children include:
225152211 Nora9 Cabaniss married Mr. Boyd
225152212 Effie9 Cabaniss married Mr. Johnson
225152213 Rufus9 Cabaniss married Lula (???)
225152214 Katie9 Cabaniss married Mr. Haber
225152215 Lonnie9 Cabaniss
225152216 Charles9 Cabaniss born November 11, 1902
225152217 Robert Lee9 Cabaniss born November 16, 1904; died March 1, 1929
225152218 Annie9 Cabaniss
225152219 Clyde9 Cabaniss
22515222 James Madison "Mack"8 Cabaniss born July 8, 1872; died in the mid 1920s in Madison County, Alabama; married Letha Mitchell. Their children include:
225152221 Adele9 Cabaniss
225152222 Fayette9 Cabaniss
225152223 James9 Cabaniss
225152224 Austin9 Cabaniss
225152225 daughter9 Cabaniss
225152226 daughter9 Cabaniss
22515223 Leoney8 Cabaniss born July 1, 1875; died November 1898.
22515224 Charles8 Cabaniss born March 25, 1878; died July 17, 1917.
22515225 John Warner8 Cabaniss born November 15, 1881; died August 12, 1922 in Little Rock, Arkansas; married Mae Porter and had the following:
225152251 Janie Lucile9 Cabaniss
225152252 John Leslie9 Cabaniss
22515226 William Milton8 Cabaniss born January 26, 1885; died nine days later.
22515227 Lem8 Cabaniss died April 10, 1934 in Florence, Alabama; married Frances Allen who was born September 6, 1885 the daughter of Ely Thomas and Harriet Logan (Winn) Allen. Frances died June 29, 1966 in Oxford, Mississippi. Lem and Frances had the following children:
225152271 Dr. James Allen9 Cabaniss - author of Cabaniss Through Four Generations: Some Descendants of Matthew and George
225152272 Frances Lucille9 Cabaniss
225152273 Lem 9 Cabaniss, Jr.

The Eighth Generation

22515122 William Maxwell8 Caviness (Peter Taylor7, William R.6, Peter Randolph5, William4, John3, Matthew2, Henri1) born July 11, 1879, died October 31, 1956, married December 6, 1903 to Frances Pearl Moore born September 27, 1881, died November 15, 1969. William was born in Attala County, Mississippi, and moved to Calhoun County, Mississippi with his father and step-mother sometime between 1886 and 1891. He and Frances Pearl lived in a number of small communities, such as Midway and Serepta, before settling in Calhoun City, Mississippi. The children of 22515122 William Maxwell Caviness and Frances Pearl Moore were as follows:
225151221 James Taylor9 Caviness born September 27, 1904, died January 12, 1989
225151222 Joseph Maxwell9 Caviness born December 5, 1909, died October 1973 in Texas
225151223 Martha Virginia9 Caviness born November 3, 1912
225151224 Ruby Pearline9 Caviness born January 12, 1916, died April 7, 1993

22515124 James Allen8 Caviness (Peter Taylor7, William R.6, Peter Randolph5, William4, John3, Matthew2, Henri1) born January 26, 1882, died March 7, 1957, married first Irene ----- (Wammack?), married second Minnie May Davis born May 12, 1894, died March 6, 1958. Jim was young when his mother, Alice, died. He was raised by a Methodist minister named Burwell Pope Fullilove, Jr. and they moved all around Northeast Mississippi. Jim finally settled in Marietta, Prentiss County, Mississippi. He was living in Marietta at the time of his father's death, and in Booneville, Prentiss County, Mississippi at the time of his brother's death 22515122 William Maxwell. James Allen and Minnie May (Davis) Caviness are both buried at Fairview Baptist Church Cemetery on Lake Drive in Booneville, Mississippi. Jim's children include, in no particluar order:
Children of James A. and Irene (Wammack?) Caviness:
225151241 Richard9 Caviness
225151242 Alberta9 Caviness
225151243 Jewel9 Caviness
Children of James A. and Minnie May (Davis) Caviness:
225151244 James Ralvin9 Caviness born July 16, 1914
225151245 Edward Luther9 Caviness born November 25, 1915
225151246 R.B.9 Caviness born August 13, 1918
225151247 J.C.9 Caviness born August 13, 1918 (twin to R.B.)
225151248 Nazarene9 Caviness
225151249 Katie May9 Caviness
22515124A John William "Dub"9 Caviness born December 14, 1922
225151244A1 John Calvin10 Caviness
22515124B Ruth9 Caviness died young
22515124C Alice Evelyn9 Caviness born August 12, 1925
22515124D Laura Beatrice9 Caviness born April 4, 1930
22515124E Agnes Von9 Caviness born October 6, 1932

Ninth and Tenth Generations